We are currently suffering from constant warfare and terrorism around the world. Today we are constantly fighting because we do not acknowledge our differences, leading to verbal and physical arguments. Everyone should have their own voice but we should not let that voice encourage violence and threaten one another with weapons. Our camouflage mask design’s main message is conveyed through the image of a heart. Even if we wear different clothes, look different, or disguise our identities, we all have a heart. Instead of threatening each other with weapons, you should know that the person your gun is pointed to is a human who has a heart just like you, your friends, and family.

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Nose Mask

Pore Care Mask to reduce the appearance of pores, blackheads and whiteheads.
A product for blackhead care around the nose, effectively removes stale sebum and waste products in a short time without stimulation. Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract and coral powder is pore cone and skin soothing effect make skin smooth and smooth.

Hair Mask

Our hair is exposed to small invisible damages that aren’t visible to the naked eye. If those damages aren’t treated within a day, your hair cannot be restored. The loss of protein makes the hair loose and dry creating split ends. Using a good hair clinic product once for damaged hair does not do the job. Constant management is needed to maintain good and healthy hair. However, the expenses, time, and inconvenience may be a problem. KOCOSTAR has developed a daily Home Care Self-Hair product that can be used anytime, anywhere. KOCOSTAR’s Camouflage Hair Mask is easy to use at home and nourishes damaged hair as if it was treated at a high-class salon.
The hair cap is filled with high concentrated essence that will leave your hair shiny and healthy. The essence is filled with ingredients that provide abundant amount of protein, which adds elasticity to the hair. The ingredients also maintain the moisture in hair, which balances pH levels.
The essence is also excellent in creating a layer in the cuticle that protects and prevents further damage. The cap can be fixed to the head, which reduces the mess that comes from putting on ordinary hair masks. The design also allows the essence from reaching contact with air giving the hair intense care.

Foot Mask

Our feet are made up of 25,000 sweat glands and nerves that have very close relationships with our internal organs. Thus, it is often referred to as the “second heart”. Therefore it is very important to take care of your feet even though it is easy to think of it as a hassle. KOCOSTAR’s Camouflage foot mask does not require any complicated steps.
Just 15 minutes is all you need to give your feet care from the hard work they have been through all day. Your feet will feel refreshed and moisturized, giving them the rest they deserve. In addition, it uses 1st grade EWG and Green grade raw material in order to ensure the product is eco-friendly and safe to use on the body and skin. One of the main ingredients, Argan oil and Kukui oil, gently adheres to skin to help calm sensitive skin and enhance the skin’s won oil balance control.  The Camouflage Foot Mask’s unique and appealing style captures attention with its beautiful camouflage design, making foot care much more fun and fashionable. The Beosun style foot mask contains the essence inside the sheet, making it easy to use by just simply wearing the product. For more effective results, simply fix the pack to the feet preventing any loss of essence, ingredients, and moisture. The treatment is effective in removing keratin from dry legs and hard heel keratin, as well as strengthening the skin barrier.

Hand Mask

The skin surrounding our hands does not secrete a lot of sebum and is extremely thin causing the aging process to begin faster than other parts of our body. Your hands become dry, rough, and hard throughout the day from daily activities. Putting on lotion or hand cream to keep your hands moisturized is only temporary. After a while you have to reach for the lotion again to hydrate your hands. KOCOSTAR’s Camouflage Hand Mask is designed to decrease the inconvenience and simplify the steps! In contrast to other mask packs, KOCOSTAR’s Camouflage Hand Pack uses 1st grade EWG green grade ingredients that ensures it is safe and compatible to all skin types when using the product. One of the main ingredients, Argan oil and Kukui oil, gently adheres to skin to help calm sensitive skin and enhance the skin’s won oil balance control. It is effective to relieve dry, cracked, and reddened skin.

Breast Mask

It is a breast care product that concentrates on the chest line that has lost elasticity and is disturbed. Hydrolized collagen, adenosine, and volufiline improve the soft skin and elasticity of the skin to help balance the chest line.

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