Pop-pop! Pop-pop! Tic-toc! Tic-toc! Pop! Pop!Yeah eh! Yeah eh!

The quiet of the silence, doesn’t it feel lonely?
It’s fine. Enjoy the moment of solitude.
Then when you feel like crying, just cry.
Take the load off and let everything out.
Then smile again. Smile brightly.
You were afraid to go into the world.
You can do it. Don’t hide and run into the world.
Show yourself just as who you are.
Open up yourself and burst into bloom.
Don’t worry about others. Your potential is the jackpot.
Evaluation is not important. There’s something more crucial.
Find your true self. Be what you are. Trust yourself.
More than anything else I love myself
To me comes the morrow, beautiful tomorrow
Every day I will change. I will radiate my potential.
Exhausted yesterday is gone. I’m off to my life.

The Story Of Capsule Series

KOCOSTAR’s Capsule Series consists of five different types: lip care, eye care, hair care, nail care, and sunscreen. Those compact gel capsules contain specially formulated essential oils and botanical extracts for unique beauty benefits.

The keyword of our Capsules Series is “potential”. Everyone possesses valuable potential which comes into bloom someday to shape each person into a unique individual. Similarly, our beauty capsules POP! open to deliver nutrients and help to enhance one’s natural appearance.
We believe this idea fits well with KOCOSTAR’s pursuit of natural and healthy beauty.

Please share your feedback about this new line of products. Your opinion will help us improve and develop our products.

Plump Lip Capsule

A set of heart-shaped capsules filled with the all-in-one botanical serum that deeply hydrates and adds glow to dry, chapped lips.

Rescue Eye Capsule

A set of luxurious pearly capsules filled with ultra-nourishing essential oils and naturals that revives the dull skin around the eyes.

Luster Hair Capsule

A set of clear gel capsules filled with a refreshing formula that restores natural shine and silkiness without making hair greasy.

Sunscreen Capsule

A set of sunlight-colored capsules filled with SPF50 PA+++ hybrid sunscreen that protects the skin from harmful UV rays and aging factors.

Nail & Cuticle Care Capsule

A set of lovely pink capsules filled with a quick-absorbing blend of essential oils that hydrates exfoliates dry cuticles and strengthens weak nails.

Please let us know if you have any questions.