From Head to Toe Series represents KOCOSTAR.

When we established KOCOSTAR in 2012, our goal was to design products that allow everyone – regardless of gender and age – to bring out their natural and intrinsic beauty. Accordingly, we decided to focus on skincare masks rather than makeup essentials.

The word “skincare mask” often reminds people of ridiculous (or even scary) look of the face covered with a white oval sheet. It’s an old cliché that family members are surprised to see their mothers or sisters using a face mask. We wanted to go beyond this perception and offer pleasant beauty care moments people could enjoy with their loved ones.

At the same time, we aimed to create hassle-free products that address people’s daily beauty concerns from head to toe. We currently manufacture and export unique and innovative masks for face, eye, lip, chin, nail, hand, foot, hair, and more! You can find our signature series at leading beauty retailers and luxury department stores worldwide.

We’ll continue to develop products that help you get away from busy life and relax with your loved ones; the products that make you smile. Our ultimate goal is to become a brand loved by people all over the world who pursue beauty. KOCOSTAR dreams of a world where everyone is happy.

Face Mask

(Camellia / Black / White / Vitamin / Hydrating / Acne Spot Patch)

Hair Mask

(Home Salon / Long Hair / Split End)

Nail Mask

Hand Mask

Foot Mask

(Moisture / Peeling)

Leg Mask

(Relaxing & Cooling)

Chin Mask

Eye Mask

(Princess Eye Patch / Tropical Eye Patch)

Lip Mask

(Pink / Mint / Black / Rose / Cherry Blossom / Pearl)

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