In our daily life, there are moments of joy and delight as well as moments of frustration and hardship.
Some say that happiness has no meaning without sadness, but don’t we all dream of a world filled only with happiness?

KOCOSTAR’s Happy Mask Series is designed to give a moment of comfort and happiness to those who had a hard day. During this relaxing 15 to 20-minute treatment, we sincerely hope that a little piece of happiness would soothe and drive out your bad memories.

Happy Mask Series consists of 5 different types, each having a unique and innovative sheet and essence.

Camellia Happy Mask

Infused with red camellia seed oil, its soft and silky antibacterial sheet retains moisture far better than any other facial mask. Great for soothing and moisturizing rough and troubled skin.

White Happy Mask

The pure cotton sheet gently adheres to the skin to deliver Niacinamide(also known as Vitamin B3) and naturals. Great for brightening and improving the appearance of aging skin.

Black Happy Mask

A unique blend of binchotan (traditional high-quality charcoal), black superfoods, and patented herbal complex purifies the skin and delivers essential nutrients to strengthen the skin barrier.

Vitamin Happy Mask

The 3D air mesh sheet made with lotus leaves and fibers features a snow lotus pattern, offering optimized breathability and improved comfort. Great for revitalizing tired skin to restore a natural glow.

Hydrating Happy Mask

Made with a microfiber sheet, this latest addition offers maximized softness and minimized skin irritation. The cooling touch of ample moisture will leave the skin deeply hydrated and refreshed.

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