Looking for a way to deal with sore feet and swollen legs?

Give your feet and legs a break with our Leg Relax Therapy, which instantly soothes and cools down overworked muscles. Its special formula with a wide range of nutrients also hydrates and nourishes your skin, turning your legs sleek and glamorous.

LEG RELAX THERAPY provides 6 different benefits through carefully selected ingredients.


COOLING : For swollen skin

GENTLE EXFOLIATING : For softer, glowing skin

MOISTURIZING : For dry, rough skin

NOURISHING : For healthy, smooth skin

FOOT ODOR CARE : For tired skin

Don’t let your sore feet walk you into chronic fatigue!

It’s not only our face that needs daily care. Our feet and  legs toil and labor each day as we sit, stand, walk or run,  enduring the force of gravity.

Leg swelling can interfere with blood circulation,  destroying the balance of the body. Simple feet fatigue  can be transmitted to your calf, back, and shoulders,  eventually dominating your whole body. The only  solution is to relieve your feet and calf muscles before  it’s too late.

KOCOSTAR’s LEG RELAX THERAPY provides the solution.

The menthol and 3 types of mint complexes  (peppermint, apple mint, and spearmint) in the essence cools and refreshes your legs instantly. In just 30  minutes, you will feel like you just got an excellent foot  and leg massage.

KOCOSTAR uses special waterproof fabric with stickers  to prevent leakage of the essence.

LEG RELAX THERAPY comes with 3 integrated stickers to enable adjustable fit  around your ankle, calf, and knee.

This unique design lets LEG RELAX THERAPY to  smoothly wrap around your legs for intense and  concentrated care, maximizing the results.

Plus, you can even massage your feet and legs without

getting the essence on your hands.

Why is it special?

1. No Leaking: The special waterproof fabric keeps the rich essence from leaving the gloves.

2. Convenience: A new and improved design allows you to treat your hands with ease because of its special sealing.

3. Efficiency: The pack consists of a sticker that can be fixed on the wrist so that there is no difficulty in everyday life. Using smartphones and computers, reading books, and exercising are all ok!

4. Intense Care: The product is designed to prevent contact with air, eliminating the loss of essence and therefore, intensely soothing every dry and damaged skin area of your hands/feet.

5. Special Ingredients: This product includes 10 herbal ingredients for calming damaged skin and 13 plant oils for moisturizing dry skin.

6. Certificate of Good Design Selection 2016 : the Product is selected as a Gold Design Selected by virtue of provision 6.1 of Industrial Design Promotion Act.

7. This Product is selected as a Hi Seoul Good Products Award 2017.

8. A Patented Floral Pattern : A Design of this Product has been registered at the Korean Intellectual Property Office

Please let us know if you have any questions.