Watery Gorgeous Case(Gold & Silver)

Worried about dry, sensitive skin?

Enjoy gold version, infused with niacinamide, lavender oil, and 24k gold.
It will refresh and nourish the eye zone.

Worried about dull, aging skin?

Enjoy silver version, infused with caffeine, pearl extract, and platinum.
It will firm and brighten the eye zone.

The skin around the eyes are very thin, and it easily becomes dry and winkled especially with make-ups. Yet there are not many products for the eye zone care, except expensive eye.

That’s why we came up with everyday solution!.
Princess Eye Patch is luxurious hydrogels infused with natural ingredients.
The Hypoallergenic, Fragrance-free gel patches instantly hydrate, soothe, and condition the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Invest 15 minutes each day and see the difference!

Princess Gold Eye Patch

Anti Wrinkle – Nourishes the sensitive skin around the eyes. The formula contains Gold and Tocopheryl Acetate ingredient.
They are effective for anti-oxidant also.

Princess Silver Eye Patch

Moisturizes – Brightens the sensitive skin around the eyes.
The formula contains Silver ingredient is good for anti-inflammation, Tocopheryl Acetate ingredient is effective for anti-oxidant. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Power which is good for skin suppression(Soothing).

Please let us know if you have any questions.