Good job for the day My feet! My calves!

Things that were solved ‘out of the house’ are possible to be solved ‘inside the house’. Home training, Home Gym, Home Salon, Home care, etc. are done in one type of life style and there are many beauty care item devices coming out which are possible to do it at home. If you are willing to do it, you will be able to do with high level of care at home by yourself like in an aesthetic shop. The direct beneficiaries of this phenomenon are our consumers. Unlikely using a high price of products in aesthetic shops, homecare products have a high quality and it is also considerable. It is no longer necessary to make expensive payment and supervised by the shop.

When returning home in evening with your feet swollen in tight shoes and got tired of getting back, and you cannot bear of the swelling calves, and you are so embarrassed to go out with your calves because of your dry skin. Why don’t you take a break of a simple home care of your feet and calves?

It is possible to take care of calves and of course your feet at once with KOCOSTAR FOOT CARE THERAPY ULTIMATE

It’s not only your face that needs daily care to be done. Feet and legs are having a hard day for the whole day. As you sit, it’s having a hard time, as you stand, it’s having a hard time.
And as you walk, and as you run except for the time when you put your back on the floor, the feet are suffering for the whole day to endure
the gravity. The feet plays a vital role to be considered a miniature of our body, and the calves’ muscles are sometimes referred to as the 2nd heart because they return the blood that has been pushed to the lower body back to the heart. Calf edema which is often experienced can interfere with blood circulation, destroying the balance of the body, and even flat shoes that you enjoy as well as high heels can threaten your foot health. Feet fatigue can be transmitted to your calves, back, shoulders and may dominate your body! The only solution is to release fatigue on the feet and calves at that time.


Foot Peeling Pack is a foot exfoliant wrap that softens callus to cause natural peeling.  It varies from person to person, but usually the skin begins to peel 3 to 5 days after using Foot Therapy — and may continue up to 10 days to complete. Please understand that the effect does not show up immediately.

I recommend using it after cleansing your feet with warm water in the evening and then towel dry. Using it on moist feet, rather than on completely dry skin, maximizes the effect. After 90 minutes, please discard and rinse thoroughly with warm water. It’ll also be helpful if you continue washing your feet with warm water each \day to moisten and soften the skin for easy peeling. Once the skin begins to peel, please do not tear or pluck off intentionally! It will be gone naturally over time.


Experience a little bit of Korean culture as you put these packs on your feet that are packed with moisturizing and calming ingredients for your feet. The special waterproof fabric keeps the essence from leaking out. The “socks” also have a special sticker that fixes the pack to your ankles so you can freely roam around with these on!


The highly concentrated essence in the boots-shaped sheet of the Leg Relax Therapy gives care to the feet and of course the calves at once. Especially while wearing the sheets the essence components are concentrated on the feet and calves so it has better effect than using gel or cream. The mint complex and menthol ingredients provide relief from fatigue as if they were massaged in feet and calves. In addition, the damask roses and Acai palm extracts calms the feet and calves skin, while argan oil and camellia oil, which are excellent for moisturizing, and making the skin smooth and shiny. Especially, it contains ingredients extracted from four fruits, so you can care for keratin care which is a chronic problem. Is there any more perfect day care product than this? With a light boot and calves massage while wearing leg Relax Therapy, more effective care is possible.

Looking for a way to deal with sore feet and swollen legs? Give your feet and legs a break with KOCOSTAR ULTIMATE FOOT CARE THERAPY ULTIMATE.

Please let us know if you have any questions.