Waffles are one of the most popular desserts around the globe.

Waffles are made by cooking leavened batter between two patterned plates, then adding various garnishes – fruits, creams, syrups, you name it – according to one’s taste. Who could resist the temptation to take a bite of a freshly baked waffle?

Since we are a skincare mask brand, and not a dessert café, we expressed our affection for the globally loved dessert through KOCOSTAR® Waffle Mask. This new series features a unique packaging design that resembles a waffle dripping with syrup. Isn’t the bite mark on the top right corner just lovely?

Waffle Masks

5 different flavors designed after the favorite waffle toppings.
(Choose a flavor according to your beauty needs!)


1. Strawberry Waffle Mask

For Oily Skin You make me cheerful! Refine the texture with vitamins.

2. Blueberry Waffle Mask

For Mixed Skin You make me healthy! Protect the skin with antioxidant.

3. Maple Waffle Mask

For All Skin You make me glow! Brighten the skin with glaze.

4. Honey Waffle Mask

For Dry Skin You make me full! Fill the skin with nutrition.

5. Ice Cream Waffle Mask

For Sensitive Skin You make me refreshed! Soothe the skin with icy-cream.

Breathable Waffle Weave Sheet + Very adhesive to Skin

KOCOSTAR® Waffle Mask is drenched with 40g of a gel-type essence that moistens the skin without leaving a sticky residue.
The pure cotton waffle sheet will hold the abundant gel in place (just as a waffle grid prevents the syrup from overflowing) until your skin has its fill. Don’t forget to use the remaining essence in the pouch!
Scoop up and apply to the other parts of the body that need a nice boost of moisture.

Waffle Cleansing Pads

Clear away dirt, oil, and makeup with waffle-shaped cleansing pads!
The gentle formula of Centella Asiatica extract and Tea Tree leaf extract will keep your skin moist and add a vibrant glow.

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